Shanghai/ WHO Collaborating Center for Research
and Training in Mental Health

Shanghai Mental Health Center was established as WHO Collaborating Center in February 1982, and became one of the earliest collaborating centers between WHO and China. As one of the WHO Collaborating Centers for Mental Health in China, it is also provided with abundant clinical resources, rich teaching capabilities and innovative research team time, it has obtained access to lots of international advanced achievements by cooperating WHO Collaborating Center foundations, famous universities and hospitals at home and abroad.

Terms of Reference:

  • To participate in international and collaborative research in the frame work of the WHO programs on mental health and substance abuse;
  • To exchange scientific information and professional personnel with WHO and other institutions in the region/country;
  • To conduct research and reform on service development and delivery to improve the access to treatment and to provide care in general hospitals and in primary health care;
  • To collaborate in training and education activities of the WHO programs and other institutions in China, the training for mental health professionals and general practitioners to provide better mental health services and more human resources.

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